Whether you're looking for an exterior site sign, interior office or retail signs, storefront window lettering, or any kind of graphic or letters, Industrial Designworks can create it for you. Or if you have a sign that needs to be updated or repaired, we can assist with that too. 

We can work with or match your existing artwork if you have it, or create you a new unique design. If your sign project needs approval by your town, we will help you with what you need for the permitting process as well.

  • Illuminated Sign Faces

    Illuminated Sign Faces

    Translucent vinyl graphics light up in full color

  • Perforated Window Graphics

    Perforated Window Graphics

    Full color graphics still allow you to see through glass to outside

  • Custom Shaped Signs

    Custom Shaped Signs

    Your sign doesn't have to be a rectangle!

  • Custom Carved Signs

    Custom Carved Signs

    Now Industrial offers carved signs - custom designed, carved, painted, goldleaf, etc, right here in Central Mass!

  • Entryway Sign

    Entryway Sign

    Lettering on 1/8" gloss black panel is eyecatching from any angle!

  • Main ID Sign

    Main ID Sign

    Custom HDU sign weighs less than half of a wooden sign and will never rot!

  • Existing Sign Relettering

    Existing Sign Relettering

    Update an existing sign panel without having to buy a whole new sign

  • Freestanding Sidewalk Sign

    Freestanding Sidewalk Sign

    Portable a-frame sign is double-sided and folds up easily to store

  • New Old Signs

    New Old Signs

    Giving your old, tattered sign a facelift can make a huge difference for your business!

  • Office Door Graphics

    Office Door Graphics

    Your logo, hours, phone number, etc, can be applied to the inside or outside of glass

  • Custom Sign Frames

    Custom Sign Frames

    Freestanding steel tube frames designed for outdoor display

  • Outdoor Patio Signs

    Outdoor Patio Signs

    "Handpainted" look signs are painted PVC with vinyl lettering in oldstyle typeface

  • Lawn & Contractor Signs

    Lawn & Contractor Signs

    Double sided, full color, any size you need, with step stakes

  • Main ID Sign

    Main ID Sign

    Custom carved and painted shape with vinyl details

  • Illuminated Signs

    Illuminated Signs

    Replacement faces with translucent vinyl for illuminated sign cabinets

  • House Plaque

    House Plaque

    Full color digitally printed and laminated graphics on composite panel

  • Highway Signs

    Highway Signs

    Full color digitally printed graphics on aluminum panels

  • Storefront Signage

    Storefront Signage

    Custom shape panel on scroll bracket and vinyl graphics

  • Historical Landmark Signs

    Historical Landmark Signs

    Custom shape PVC panels with vinyl lettering

  • Welcome Signs

    Welcome Signs

    1'' thick signfoam panel with dimensional and gold leaf vinyl graphics

  • Traffic Control Signs

    Traffic Control Signs

    Standard highways specs or can be customized any way you want

  • Acrylic Letters

    Acrylic Letters

    Letters are 1/2'' thick gloss black acrylic on white PVC panel

  • Storefront Graphics

    Storefront Graphics

    Vinyl window lettering and "etched glass" vinyl privacy panels

  • Suspended Sign

    Suspended Sign

    1/2'' thick PVC panel is double faced

  • Gold Leaf Graphics

    Gold Leaf Graphics

    Vinyl graphics on 1/2'' black PVC

  • Storefront Signage

    Storefront Signage

    and vinyl window graphics

  • Theater Sign

    Theater Sign

    Custom reader board with changeable letters

  • Exterior wall mounted sign

    Exterior wall mounted sign

    Vinyl lettering on 1/8'' thick composite panel

  • Custom Cut Shape and Paint

    Custom Cut Shape and Paint

    Main ID sign has vinyl and dimensional graphics

  • Refurbished Sign

    Refurbished Sign

    New vinyl lettering brings old sign back to life

  • Drum Head Graphics

    Drum Head Graphics

    Thin enough to not dampen the sound quality but tough enough to take plenty of abuse!

  • Traffic Wayfinding Signs

    Traffic Wayfinding Signs

    Vinyl lettering and printed seal on aluminum sign blanks

  • Base Drum Wrap

    Base Drum Wrap

    Custom designed  "wrap" easily fastens around drum body for events

  • Custom Wayfinding Sign

    Custom Wayfinding Sign

    Custom routed PVC sign with vinyl and dimensional graphics

  • Roadside Sign

    Roadside Sign

    4'x6' double faced sign has welded steel frame